Bicycle Repair, Service & Maintenance in Downtown Tampa


City Bike Tampa is a full-service repair, maintenance and custom build bike shop. We do everything from fix flats to build custom wheel sets and custom frankenstein bikes. We are experts at what we do and we guarantee we can provide whatever you need regarding your custom bike repair and maintenance needs.


We love custom builds! From clean and classy to weird and mean, we love to let your imagination play a part in what you ride.  Whether you want to rebuild an old love, or create a new one from scratch, we are here to help you step by step in creating your dream bike.  Call us, come in, bring your bike, and we’ll have a friendly chat about what you need. We are laid back and relaxed, we welcome everyone and anyone who loves to ride! We love bike culture and bike life. We’ll help you out even if we don’t sell you anything, because, that’s who we are. We are Downtown Tampa’s bike experts and we love the community in which we live and work. Stop in and introduce yourself, we love making new friends!


Basic Safety Check – $36

Price includes:
Headset Adjustment
Minor Brake Adjustments
Inflate Tires to Correct Pressure
Lube Chain
Please Note: parts sold separately

We also provide Tune-Ups, and Full Overhauls! Do you live within a 2-mile radius of the shop? If so, we’ll even pick your bike up for free! (minimum ticket required)


Basic Tune-Up

Children’s Bike – $49

Single Speed – $69

Multi-Speed – $85

Price includes everything in Basic Safety Check PLUS:
Lube Brake and Derailleur Cables as Needed
Clean and Lube Chain
Please Note: parts sold separately


“The Overhaul” – $279

(recommended annually to prevent wear and tear on parts)

Price includes everything in Basic Tune-Up PLUS:
Resurface Brake Pads
Disassemble, Clean, Lubricate and Reassemble Bottom Bracket
Disassemble, Clean, Lubricate and Reassemble Headset
Disassemble, Clean, Lubricate and Reassemble Hubs
Replacement of Brake Cables/Housing (Std Parts Included)
Replacement of Shift Cables/Housing (Std Parts Included)
Polish Bicycle
Please Note: parts sold separately


Custom Bike Builds

Like we said before, we love custom builds. We’ll build franken-bikes for anyone, any budget, and any style. We love wrenching and have the experience to know what will work best for your individual situation. Bring in your parts, your ideas, and your imagination and we’ll create the funkiest and cleanest bike you can come up with.

Custom Wheel Builds

Nicer wheels are often not stock, and we know this. Our clients are looking for a certain quality, which is where City Bike Tampa custom wheel builds come in. We cater the build to our clients expectations. This means that we get you the product that is going to ride the best for your style, rather than a mass marketed, mass produced wheel. Our custom wheel builds start from the rims, spokes, to the hubs, and then tires; tubes or tubeless. We can accommodate any type or style, any request, and our experience shows that what we put out pays dividends on the track, the road, or the trail.

Message Us About Your Build!